Generations of Sonoma

2019 Highwayman Cabernet Sauvignon

2019 Highwayman Cabernet Sauvignon


The Ultra-cab returns to show us what it can do—powerhouse, year after year. Fantastically dense violet/ruby color—it oozes body and exudes strength—and that’s just on first swirl! Notes of rich black currant and cassis are in the forefront but not far behind are the minerally gravel and faint lead pencil notes to balance. Strong finish that screams “I was aged in once-used French oak for a hellofa long time” (20+ months as a matter of fact), providing the toasty vanilla accents. Present tannins let us know we can hold on to this stunner. 

Pair it with that tomahawk steak you’ve been admiring at the butcher counter for so long. Grill it and serve with herb butter and charred green onions. 

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