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#sonomagram PN

Pinot Noir Sonomagram

#sonomagram PN

Send a Sonomagram to a friend!  A Sonomagram is a bottle of wine delivered (shipping included) for $20.00 (plus applicable tax).  (Note: Please order one #sonomagram per address only, no combined orders.)

This vintage of our Sonoma County Pinot over delivers in a major way. Don’t be fooled by the price tag--it’s a gorgeous pinot. Bright strawberry and lingonberry notes combined with the soft balancing act of the earth tones and barely-there tannins create a sensational sipper for the lazy winter nights. Put a rack of lamb with an herb mustard marinade in the oven and serve with shaved zucchini salad with olive oil, lemon, dried cherries and sea salt.

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